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Adding Active Campaign Feeds

Login to the backend of your website and from the dashboard please go to FORMS > SETTINGS > ACTIVE CAMPAIGN.

Click "add new" button to add new feeds (IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN EXISTING ONE); OR "edit" to edit any existing feed.

TIP: You can also deactivate a feed by ticking the green button off.

Add a Feed Name (for internal use) and choose the active campaign list you want to store your form detail to.

Map Fields section simply means you need to match the website (gravity) form fields to the active campaign fields. The LEFT portion of the map fields is from active campaign while the RIGHT one where you can see the drop down options are the fields present in your current form.

You may also opt to add a tag to trigger any automation you may have in active campaign from the feed and clicking on Instant Responders if you want the user to receive the Instant Responder setup for the selected ActiveCampaign List upon signup. Read more of the integration here

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Updated on: 12/02/2022

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