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Adding Files to Download Plugin

You first need to login to the website's backend.

Save the files on your computer.

Go to Dashboard > Downloads > Add New

3a. Enter the file title or the text you want the customer to be seen.

3b. Upload the file on the** Attach File** > Upload on the right-hand side of the page.

3c. Scroll down and set the access to the 4 users (Subscriber, Editor, Admin JR, Administrator) and Update the page.

Go to Downloads > All Files and copy the Shortcode.

Go to the membership page backend

Remove the button with the file link

Add Text Block Element and paste the code and Save Changes.

Preview Changes to check the changes and Click the update if your good with the changes made on the page.

If you may also Browse all the files you have loaded on the Downloads plugin by clicking the Attach File Browser tab > click the file and ok button at the button. :)

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Updated on: 12/02/2022

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