Creating a Gallery Page Using Carousel

Go to your gallery edit page, then click the Add Element button to add a carousel element.

Select Carousel.

Under General Tab, select Media Attachment in the Show dropdown and adjust the Items Quantity according to the number of images that will be displayed.

Add the images by clicking the + symbol. You add multiple photos at a time. Please note that preferred dimension for image gallery is 900 x 600 for landscape and 600 x 850 for portrait and the file size must not exceed 300KB.

Under Appearance tab, select** Image Gallery** for the Grid Layout and adjust the the number of Columns and the Gap Between Items to your preference.

Under Carousel tab, you may select Prev/Next arrows or the navigation Dots, if you select Prev/Next arrows you may adjust the arrow style, arrows size, and the arrow position.

Click the Save changes then update the page.

Updated on: 04/08/2022

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