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Editing The Footer

Referring to our demo website, here's a screenshot of the footer section.

Each of the columns above have corresponding widgets from the back end of the site and to access this, please go to your website dashboard > Appearance > Widgets. Normally, we have the footers set by numbers like below, other times it will have different labels so please don't get confuse.

Click on the arrow down to view the individual widgets comprising the column.

And edit as you see fit.

Click SAVE once everything is finalised.


With the updated demo site, you should be able to locate the available footer under Impreza > Footers / Page Blocks

Select the default footer from the list as this should be used on the homepage and most of the inner pages in the site. Edit the CTA text as you please and below that row contains the widgets area, you can edit the text block elements in here but you need to edit the widgets information under the Appearance > Widgets as explained above. Don't forget to click on update once finalised.

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Updated on: 12/02/2022

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