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Facebook Custom Conversions

You can track conversions for specific pages by using Facebook's custom conversions.

Here are the following steps in order to create custom conversions:

Go to Events Manager and select the pixel you want to use.

Select Custom Conversions.

Select Create Custom Conversion.

Select URL Contains and enter the url path for the 'webinar' or 'thank you' page e.g. /thank-you/ or /webinar/

Select a category to help optimize ad delivery for the custom conversion you create. Choose the Category that best describes the rule you're defining. e.g. 'view content' or 'complete registration'

Enter a name for the conversion. e.g. 'Webinar views' or 'Webinar conversions'

Click Create when you're ready.

You can view the conversions on the custom conversions tab.

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Updated on: 01/02/2022

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