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How to Add Accordion

Login to your backend.

Go to _'Pages'_ located on the left side of your backend. Type _'Printers'_ on the search bar and click on _'Search Pages'_.

Look for _'Printers'_ and click on **'Edit'**.

Look for the _'Accordion'_ section below on the _'Printers'_ page.

In adding a section, you can click on _'Add Section'_. Click the new section and hover the mouse to _'Edit'_.

After clicking on the edit icon, you can now start editing the _'Title'_ and click on _'Save changes'_ afterwards.

To add a text, simply click on the _'+'_ sign and select the _'Text Block'_ element.


Hover the mouse to the edit icon and input the text as you please. Click on _'Save Changes'_ afterwards.


When you're done adding or making the changes, don't forget to click on _'Update'_ located on the right side of the backend.

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Updated on: 13/02/2022

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