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How To Add Extra Field To Your Existing Form?

You must be login to your website's back-end.

Go to the page where the form is and click on Edit Page.

  Extra Notes: You won't see the actual form upon clicking the back-end of the page. However, you will be viewing the name of the form.

Locate the section where the gravity form is in the back-end and take note of the form name.

Click on Forms at the left side of your dashboard and find the name of the gravity form which you want to edit.

Hover your mouse on the form and click on Edit.

You will then be redirected to the Edit tab of the form. On this page you can start inserting extra field(s)  to your existing form.  There are several fields available for your perusal. We have Standard Fields, Advanced Fields, Post Fields and Pricing Fields.

Double click on one of the fields under Standard Fields category.

Start editing the field setting dialog box.

     * General Tab

         - Field Label - unique label name for your field

         - Required - tick on the box if you want to require this field before submitting any data from your form.

     * Appearance Tab

         - Placeholder - allows you to provide text within a form input.

         - Field Size - allows you to adjust the field width once displayed on the front-end.

Once done, do not forget to click on Update button. Refresh your website and check if the changes you made in the back-end is showing on the front-end.

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Updated on: 01/02/2022

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