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How to Install Plugins?

Extra Note: Installing plugins will need an Admin Login Pass. Send us an e-mail for further details.

Login to your website's back-end using Admin Log-in Pass.

Click on Plugins and type the name of the plugin on the Search box to check if the plugin is already installed or not. If not, proceed on Step 3.

Click on Add New button if you want to install a new plugin to your website.


Search the name of the plugin you want to install in the Search Plugins search box and hit Install Now  button.

Don't forget to click on Activate button for it to be successfully installed in your website.

Friendly Reminder: It would be best if you seek advise to an expert or your web developer before installing any plugins so as not to destroy any functionality of your website or the website itself.

Is this tutorial unclear? If you do not find the training you are looking for, please send us a detailed email to

Updated on: 06/02/2022

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