How To Make A Page and How To Link A Button To A Page

How To Make A Page

In your dashboard, go to the PAGES -> Add New to add a new blank page

2.If you want to add new Page, click Add New.

Or If you wish to clone an existing page so you don’t have to format everything from scratch.
Simply choose the page you want to duplicate and click Duplicate Page or (it may also say) Clone.

After you click Add New, Input the title of your page.

don't forget to click the Backend Editor to access the wp bakery builder.

Click the Add Element button to add elements to your page

You may use the search field to search for the element that you want or just simply scroll down and look for the element.

Adding the form to the page.

Click the + sign Button or Add Element Button.

search for gravity form.

Select from the dropdown button the form that you want to display. then click save changes.

and if you want to adjust the width of the Form, you may divide the row into several columns by
hovering your mouse to the 3 Lines you can see at the screenshot below.

Lastly, click Publish button to make your page live.

Linking the Button to the page.
Click the edit button or Pen icon.

2.Click the Select URL button

Input your Webpage URL that you want to link. and then click Set Link Button.

Click Save Changes.

Don't forget to click Update Button to update the changes you've made to your webpage.

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Updated on: 01/09/2022

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