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How to Setup Coupons in Gravity Forms

Login to your Dasboard

Click Coupons from the option under Forms.

If this is your 1st coupon, click Create One.

Choose the form you want to create a coupon for from the dropdown.

You’ll be presented with several fields

Coupon Name is largely for your own internal use.

Coupon Code should be the actual code they’ll use to redeem the coupon, such as CHRISTMASDISCOUNT or SPECIALOFFERBDX.

Coupon Amount can be a set dollar value or percentage discount, depending on your needs.

Start Date and End Date can be used to limit the duration the coupon is valid.

Usage Limit is good for offers like, “10% off to the first 20 customers” in that it limits the number of overall times the coupon can be used.

Is Stackable determines whether or not this coupon can be used with any other coupons.

Save the coupon and then head over to the form you want to allow customers to use the coupon code with.

In the Pricing Fields, you’ll now have a new Coupon option.

Drag the option to the section wherever you'd like it to be seen.

Edit the Coupon Settings as you'd like.

Click the Update button to save your form. Visitors can now submit the coupon code when paying for your products.

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Updated on: 12/02/2022

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