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How to Update Form Confirmation

Go to your site's Dashboard > Forms

Hover the form you wish to update to open the navigation

In order to change the form confirmation (where the visitor will be routed to once they completed the form), kindly click Confirmation

Click Edit

5. From the Confirmation Settings page, you’ll be able to select from three Confirmation Type options: Text, Page and Redirect

Text is the default confirmation type. When a form is submitted, this message will be displayed in place of the embedded form.

               You can customize this message however you’d like.

Page.  With the Show Page option, you can easily redirect users to a page on your site after they’ve submitted a form. When you select Show Page from the Confirmation Type drop-down, an additional drop-down will appear with a list of all pages on your site. This option is most often used to redirect users to a Thank You page.

Redirect. The Go to URL (Redirect) option is useful if you’d like to either send users to a different site or if you need to build out a specialized URL structure for more complex development.

That’s it! You can now set up the confirmations you need for each of your forms.

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Updated on: 12/02/2022

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