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How to View and Export Your Form Entries

Viewing Your Entries

First step is to make sure you are logged into the back end of your website so you can view the Dashboard.

From your Dashboard go to  FORMS and another forms tab before selecting Active.

Selecting the active forms is easier since this will show only the forms that are being used on your website or other words, enabled. It's easier to update the form settings and avoid confusion if you're viewing only the forms that are being utilised.

Now that you can see all the active form son your site, you only need to hover over the individual forms to see the settings that are available beneath the form title. These options are the following: Edit | Settings | Entries | Preview | Duplicate.

If you click on Entries this will show you all the submissions that have been on this specific form and the same goes for the rest of the active forms.

Exporting Entries

With gravity form, you may also export all the entry submissions to date if you wish to import them on your CRM system. 

To start, please go to  FORMS > Import/Export and you'll find the export entries options from there. Select the appropriate form you want to export from the dropdown list. This contains all the active forms available on your website.

Select the fields available to your form that you want to export.

Please note to always review the actual form you are exporting to know the fields to export so you don't export any blank fields. You also have the option to select the date range of the entries you want to export. Once that's all been selected, click on [Download Export File] button to proceed.

*If you do not have this option from your gravity form account, you only need to email us and we'll arrange the access for you.

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Updated on: 12/02/2022

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