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Integrating Messenger Chat Plugin

The Messenger Platform is setting up a convenient arrangement of web modules that make it simple for you to begin a discussion with individuals who visit you on the web.

To properly integrate Messenger Chat Plugin to your web, follow our 2 sets of steps below.

Setting Up Messenger Platform on Facebook

Go to your Facebook Business Page and click Settings at the top right corner of your page.

Click on the Messenger Platform on the left.

Under Whitelisted Domains section, edit whitelisted domains for your page.

Setting Up Customer Chat Plugin On Website

Login to your website's backend and open Customer Chat and click on Setup Customer Chat.

Select your Facebook Page on the dropdown menu and click Continue.

Click Next button on Set Up Customer Chat dialog box.

In Setup Customer Chat, it shows an option where you can change your greeting message then Click Next.

Under Set Up Customer Chat, it shows an option where you can change your message background and messenger icon color. If you plan to change the color, say orange, I suggest on using the hex code: #F6931E.  Do not forget to hit the Finish button to save all the changes you made.

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Updated on: 12/02/2022

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