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Logging in to Your New Website Dashboard

Your website is now live but you haven't been in the dashboard yet, or you want to start posting things. Usually when you log in to a WordPress site you go through a URL like this "". Here at Lightningsites we change the URL for security purposes. Here is a step by step guide on how you can log in to your account.

Open your website's URL on any web browser. In here, we're using our demosite as an example.

2.Next is to open the link provided to you by your project manger. If you purchased a Lightningsites website, the login URL should be (your website's URL+/lightning-login/). If its a Dancesites website, that should be (your website's URL/dancesites-login). In this case, it should look something like this 

Kindly enter your Username and Password (If unsure please contact support at

If successful, you should see the Dashboard just like below.

Is this tutorial unclear? If you do not find the training you are looking for, please send us a detailed email to

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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