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Stripe Integration

What is a webhookWebhooks allow Stripe to send messages to your website when certain “events” take place. For example, if a payment is refunded in StripeStripe can automatically send a notification to your webhook to let it know.

To enable webhooks, follow the following steps:



What are API Keys? API keys, a secret API key and a publishable API key, is associated with your Stripe account - are used mainly for identification on the server side and the application side. 

To get API Keys, follow the steps below: 

2a. Login to your Stripe Account and navigate to Developers -> API Keys

2b. Copy the Live  Secret Key under Token

2c. Paste it on your Gravity form

2d. To obtain the Test Signing Secret Key, turn on the Viewing test data

2e. Copy the Test  Secret Key under Token and paste it on your Gravity form. 

2f. Click the button Update Settings

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Updated on: 31/01/2022

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